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Find most recently entered data in portal row


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Hey all,


ok - here's the setup:


First table: Grants

Second table: Proposals

Third table: ProposedBudgetPeriods


Grants is the main table, which contain Proposals, which contain ProposedBudgetPeriods.


There can be many proposals per grant, and I need to run a report showing only the most recently entered ProposalTotal (calculated from PropLineItems)


Currently, I calc the max date in the related records from Proposals, and that works great.


So the question is: How do I lookup (and populate) a field for "lastProposalTotal" where the SubDate is equal to the MaxDate.


Ultimately, I need to run a report that shows only the values from the most recent submissions, while still retaining the ability to track the historical data for the subs.





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