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Report Filter?


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I am trying to create some type of select option for my Reports. In table A, I have have a layout that is called "Archives" and it displays a list of Archives. In another table I have a Grouped Report layout by Archive. My problem is that I want to be able to view the Archive List layout with a button that will let me run the Archive Report (Grouped Report) filtered to only a specific Archive. I've found a way to make the report with a button using a script that specifies the find criteria, but that doesn't really go along with the idea of a select list type. So in general I guess what I'm looking for is a script I can attach to the button on the layout that will be able to detect the archive field in the list and perform the find using that criteria. This without having to create a specific script for each archive or else that wouldn't work on the list. Am I making sense? I hope so any help is appreciated, I'm not even sure if what I'm thinking is feasible. Even though I can just make a flat out list with a button specifically to generate that specific report beside it, I will be adding new archives often so that will get really tedious and inefficient. Unless that is my only option? Thanks a lot...someone can slap some sense into me. smiley-laughing

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