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List function pre 8.5


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Is there an equivalent function as List(field) from 8.5 in 8 or earlier? I have 8.5 advanced but everyone else on the network has 8.





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Not exactly, but there are methods to get something similar, depending on the purpose. If you can say what you're trying to do, we might have a suggestion that fits.

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I am trying to populate a list of "delivery numbers" combined on a pallet. I have a selfjoin relationship based on a calculated value.

Shipment ID&"000"&Pallet ID.

The Shipment ID is a unique number assigned to particular load. The Pallet ID number is selected by the user to group delivery numbers together on one pallet. These numbers are recycled every delivery cycle( the first grouping starts at 1, 2nd is 2, and so on).

I added 3 zero for padding. They are not necessary.


If( PALLET ID > 0;"COMBINED DELIVERIES:" & ¶ & List ( SIDPALLET::Delivery num);"")

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In this case, define a value list based on a field, selecting the related Delivery Num field, showing "related values only", from the context of the parent TO.


Then use something like this to get the listing:

If( PALLET ID > 0;"COMBINED DELIVERIES:" & ¶ & valuelistitems(get(filename);"your new value list name"))

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