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I am trying to get the count of different project ID that are in the database. For example, I have around 50,000 records in the database and each record is assigned Project ID. It can be same or different number.


Record Project ID

1 345

2 345

3 580

4 900

5 520




50,000 520


How do I get the count of how many different Project ID I have in the database? I appreciate your help. Thank you......

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Do you just need the counts, or do you actually need to see them on a layout? If you just want a print out of the counts, the easiest way is to run a sub summary report.


Create a new layout in your solution, base the layout on your table occurrence with the 50k records in it. On that layout, add a Sub-Summary part, in the setup of that part, choose your Product ID as the sort field.


okay... now in your table add a summary field called "zSummary Product Count" (or whatever you want). In the summary setup for the field , set it to "Count" and the field you are counting is Product ID.


Back on your layout, put in the sub summary part:


Product ID

(Product Name if you have it handy)

zSummary Product Count


you can delete the other parts on the layout as you are only concerned with the sub summary part.



Final step, go into browse mode, make sure all records are showing, SORT the records (Records -> Sort) by product ID. once sorted go into preview mode. If everything was setup correctly you should see a list of product IDs, Product Names, and the number of each in the table.

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You can also define an unstored calc field of result type "text" as ValueListItems (Get(FileName); "VL of YourField")


where VL of YourField is a newly-created value list of field values of the field in question.


And for count of those values, do PatternCount (ValueListItems (Get(FileName); "VL of YourField"); "¶")+1

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I have created the sub-summary and it is doing the right count when it's viewed in the Preview Mode. When I go to the Browse Mode, I don't see the count as it comes out blank. What am I doing wrong. I also need to have ability to export the count in Excel. Thank you..........

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