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Change many field labels after making 1 selection


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Hope this is the right area to post this...


I have an equipment table.

It has many different types of equipment.

In order for Users to input the context-correct data in the field, I need to have specific field labels that are not shared by other equipment types.


I am contemplating using field labels based on a "Case" calculation, in order to provide the context-correct field label.


For example, if the user selects "Printing" from a drop down field, I would like to see all of the field labels that are context correct appear in front of the field in which the User would enter data. Is this a "dynamic field label"?


I have a lot of fields. So, is this viable solution, is this a method preferred by those experienced? Or are there other ways to accomplish what I am considering doing?


I made a few fields and the task seems rather daunting based on the number of fields I have - and it seems that the calculations would have to be modified whenever a new "type" of equipment enters the scene.


Thanks in advance

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I would be doing that via a relationship to a "field labels" table. So that the key field where the equipment type is specified, relates to a record in the field labels table. In that record are fields for all the required labels. Then the labels are displayed on the layout using merge fields from the field labels table. It would require a record commit on selection of the equipment type (I think) for the labels to update.

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Thanks David,


This may be impossible to answer, but it is worth a shot at this moment.


I have attached an excel file that shows my sample scheme of data and I "may" be putting it in one table. I will spare the long story of whether one table or many tables - that issue I just can not wrap around my head.


Thanks if you have the time!

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David - thank you very much.


I was not implying that I was hoping you would set that up for me. I really appreciate your help.


Unfortunately, I believe conditional formatting is a 9 feature and I am on 8.5. But that gives me hope that maybe I can finalize on "what" structure I should be trying to build for this branch of my "Vendor" database solution.


I am assuming (because you did not reply that the table data I posted was a poor candidate for a 1 table approach) that it is advisable for a 1 table structure for this branch of my solution... if used in conjunction with what you have constructed. Is that safe to say?


Are there any negative side effects, such as losing the ability to search, etc.?


Once again, thanks.

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