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File insertion problem


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I have some fields that I have inserted files into and in the past have been able to click on them and the inserted file will open. I now have a new computer and the new file insertions will not open when I click on them but the old ones still open. I am using Leopard now and have a Mac. Any ideas what the problem is?

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Did you...


a) Insert the files using Insert Object? That's a PC-only technology, "object linking and embedding" or OLE for short, and is not supported on the Mac; or


b) Insert the files with the checkbox clicked 'store only a reference to this file'? That method is Mac-compatible but the file paths that GET stored don't reconcile the same way. Create a calc field of result type "text" defined as GetAsText (yourCalculationField) and report back the complete contents of the field, and also the actual path to the drive or folder containing such a file, and if this is what you did I can walk you through creating a calc field of result type "container" that will reconcile on the Mac *OR* the PC; or


c) Insert the file just as a file and did NOT click "store only a reference"? I woudl not think double-clicking the container field would do anything like launching the file on either a Mac OR a PC if you did that, you generally have to export the file to a specified path and then have the OS open the exported file at that path.

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