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Opening another Database, and passing arguments


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I have created a Help file for our database. It is its own small database with a portal with a filter field. When you type words into the filter field the portal is filtered down to items that have matching words in their title.


I was hoping to find a way to launch that database and pass it a string to put into the filter field. IE: If you click help from the main menu, I want it to launch the help file, and then put "Main Menu" in the filter so that it starts off trying to guess what the user wants help with.


Same thing, if they click help from a "New Job" window, it would launch the help file and put New Job in the filter field.


I am just not sure how to pass an argument to a database file, and then have it use that information when its loaded.


Anyone done this?

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Perform Script [AnyScript, in anyfile; ScriptParameter = "stick a script parameter at the bottom of the 'specify script' dialog box"]


in the other file:


trap for Get(ScriptParameter)


in the other file's script.





Perform Script ["GetHelp" in Help.fp7; Parameter = "Main Menu"]


GetHelp script can now trap for Get(ScriptParameter and do different things depending on what that value tells it about the context.

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