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help understanding how to make a history field for a record


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I have started to develop a test case system for recording actual test cases relating to software components and features.

This seems to all work ok mostly as a single table but I am a bit stuck when it comes to recording the results of the test cases that have been run.

I have set it up so that each pass or fail will create a new line on a multi line text field with who run the test, the date and time and the result but I really want to have some kinda excel type of list of results. I am stuck with how to do this, I have tried to create a new table and link to it but I can’t work out how to make this a history related to the test case.

It’s probably really simple but I just don’t seem to be able to do this and it’s becoming frustrating cos I know what I want to do but clearly don’t have the right knowledge or understanding of how to link the history table with a single test case.

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Ok this might make some more sense:

I have 2 tables [TC/TC History]

TC contains all the data relating to the testcase

TC History contains the results (I did it this was as I think I wanted a portal of results I can embed on the main testcase page)

So what I wanted it to do was when clicking the result button (pass/fail) it would

- Check to see if the TCID exists in the TC History

- IF exists then (existing test run result)

- Enter date

- Enter time

- Enter user

- Enter Result

- IF does not exist then

- Create new TC History record

- Copy TC ID to TC History ID

- Enter date

- Enter time

- Enter user

- Enter Result


This is the kind of result history I would like to see:


TCID Date Time User Result

0001 01/02/08 10:14 DZW Pass

02/02/08 11:45 DZW Pass

15/03/08 04:10 DZW Fail


As far as I can see the sticking points are relationships and creating a new record on a table other than the one you are on.

This multi line history ‘portal’

Is this the best or even a viable method of doing this?

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Hello Hal


I have posted a sample file here :http://www.mediafire.com/?ig4gy3imxsg

This is a free file shareing site - go to the link to download sample testcaseplayv1.. have a look at the set and email me if you need further help- cheers

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