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Cascading DropDownList


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My back ground is in SQL server and MS Access, and I am now trying to get my head around FileMaker.


I am trying to get a series of dropdownlists working that cascade values based on a field id.


I have a table, tblCompanies with only two fields, CompanyID and CompanyName. I have another table called Divisions, with three fields, DivisionID, DivisionName, CompanyID.


I have set up a relationship between the two on the CompanyID field.


I would like to be able to have a dropdownlist for divisions with only those divisions related to the company being members in the list.


I have setup two value lists, one with all companies, and the other with all divisions using values from tblDivisions::DivisionName, including only related values starting from tblCompanies.


A) is this right?

B) if not, what is the correct, way to do this.


Advice on the setting up of tables in FileMaker compared to other RDBMS's would be good if I have not done it the 'proper' way.


Cheers smiley-smile

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