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Start DB @ bootup


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Hello everyone. Hello!


I looked through the various threads in FMP8.5, but could not find one that addressed my issue. If my questions is answered in a different thread, would some kind soul kindly point me to it? Thanks.


I have a database that I created to track specific student details. I moved the database to the office's server, to allow the tutors to access the database. I turned on IWB.


After someone rebooted the server, I noticed that the database wasn't running. What do I do to have the database restart, after the server reboots.


Please be patient -- I'm still new to most of this. smiley_cool

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first off, when you say "office server" and "server reboots", the "server" you are referring to, is it just a typical server, or do you mean FileMaker server (running albeit on a server) ... ((too many servers!))


if FileMaker server is running and the machine is reset, there should be an auto-start option in the filemaker server admins config area to auto-start server when machine boots up (at least in Filemaker 9 server anyway but im sure there is one for 8 as well).


If you just have the database file running not on filemaker server but from a filemaker client, my guess is you can probably auto-open it by putting it in windows startup folder (or mac equivalent) which might open it up on reboot. Thought you should always close the database before rebooting otherwise ur bound to corrupt it soon enuf.

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Thank you for your assistance smiley-smile


The office server does not have FMP Server running, only FMP 8. I will investigate how to get the Mac that hosts everything to start up the database when it boots.


I agree, a good precaution would be to stop everything before booting, but sometimes the power grid interferes with the best intentions of mice and bytes. smiley-wink


Take care,


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