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I never use filemaker pro. I have database knowledge in Access DB only. So I am stumped on this problem. I have been on this job for 3 months. My predecessor setup an area on a server for FM databases. One of the users created a database for another area and asked me to burn it to CD. Easy enough. However, when I go to test the file to make sure it will open it asks for a user name and password. No password was ever created for this database so we are stumped. I tried the Admin and leaving the password area blank without any luck. Can anyone help me with the problem? The end user in another state is trying to open the database as well with the same issue. However he has FM 9 - logically I am thinking FM 9 should open FM8 without a problem - right?



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FileMaker files created in FM7 and later always have a user account and password. By default, the username is "Admin" with a blank password. And the credentials are set to login automatically under File->File Options.


Maybe there was a different account or password stored in the file, and the File Options were set to login with them, and someone later unchecked the auto-login option.


Or perhaps your computer had the credentials stored in the computer's keychain (or whatever it's called in Windows), and the credentials aren't recognized on the new copy.


Or maybe someone simply went into your unprotected file and changed the password (one more reason not to use a common account for all users).


If you've tried the default Admin account with a blank password, then I don't think there's much more we can say. Hope you have backups.

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