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Need Help with email?


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I am having trouble emailing from FM but not sure if it is FM or outlook. Our system is set up on a network with an exchange server. I tried to email today from FM 8.5 but Outlook is not delivering it. I am getting and error message in outlook that There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. We do not accept mail for earthlink.net. I did try sending an email to someone in the office and that did work. I can send emails from FM at home which is not set up on a server so am I getting this error because I am working on a server? Is something I need to do differently?


Another quick questions, the help menu mentions something about being careful when sending multiple emails because the recipient can receive the same email multiple times. What do you need to do to have it not do this?


Let me give you a little info on what I am trying to do and maybe someone will have a suggestion. I have a db of volunteers. Volunteers can have multiple projects they volunteer for. I set up a folder in Outlook that has all the volunteer's email addresses. The office manager sometimes only wants to send emails to volunteers with a specific project. The problem that I am wanting to get away from is for her having to enter an email address 3 times when a new volunteer comes to work. What she does now is if she has a new volunteer she enters them in the volunteer table, then in the volunteer folder in outlook and then again in each volunteer project. I would like for her to have the volunteer folder in outlook but when she wants to send emails to specific project volunteers to send them from FM. One thing that I need to keep in consideration is her limited computer knowledge so I need to keep it as simple as possible.


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