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One to Many ?


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I have a database that has been developed for me for my fine art photographs.

I have a table of Galleries (who stock my work)/Table of all my images etc.

I want to list all the images the gallery got delivered under a delivery note number eg 021107.Trouble is I can't work out how to approach this but I think I need a one to many relationship and possibly a join table?

Can anyone instruct me how to do this? I attatch a link to 3 screenshots.





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It looks like you need four tables: Gallery, Image, Delivery, and LineItem. Gallery has a one to many relationship to Delivery, via GalleryID. LineItem is a join table between Image and Delivery, and thus needs the foreign keys ImageID and DeliveryID.

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I have a similar question. Can anyone point me to a free online tutorial on how to setup a many-to-many relationship via a junction table. I am a novice and sure that I'm doing something silly but have been at an impasse for a couple of days. I'm sure its out there but I can only find paid tutorials / trainings online.


In case anyone is interested, the specific database is tabulating patient surveys for a volunteer ambulance service. I want each survey to be linked to the crew members who responded to the specific call. Later, we will need to run reports by crew members with survey results. The tables are setup as follows:


[crew] --> [jxnTable]


Thanks you...

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