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Attach File at END of email using Email Script


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So I am trying to attach a file to an email script that I have set up in Filemaker 8.5. It works fine but it is attaching the file at the beginning of the email and I want it to be at the end. Is there anyway to specify where in the email the attachment will appear?? Thanks in advance if you can help me out on this.

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That's a characteristic of your chosen email program. Some don't even have an "at the end" versus elsewhere, a file is either attached or it's not; others support "inline" file attachments as an option, some do that by default.


In the olden days, a 'file attachment' was where you would first manually convert your file to plain text by BinHexxing or UUEncoding it, and then would append that text to the end of your email body. So as far as the email programs of the day were concerned there was no "file attachment" there was just a batch of text.


It's not all that different now, it's just that email programs hide that from you, wrapping your attached file into the character string as a MIME-encoded series of characters, preceded and followed by start and end codes that tells the recipient's email program to "think" of it as a file attachment.


That fancy "hiding" is only semi-standardized. And more to the point, the commands by which FileMaker can tell an email app to attach a file are rather basic (as are all of the Send Mail and Open URL (mailto:) operations); you don't get anything fancy and each email program responds in its own default manner)

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