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Specify field name in calc using variable

Five Fingers

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Hello All,


I was wondering if it's possible to specify a field name within a calculation using a variable, e.g. -


Set Variable [$Word; "dog"]

Set Field [ Hot & $Word ; "Breed" ]


So that the field named "Hotdog" results in the word "Breed".


Does this make sense? My reason for this is that I have a large number of scripts that are only slightly different. I'd like to consolidate them into a single script.


Thanks for your help!


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In a word, No. The target field for a Set Field script step cannot be specified by calculation. But it would be a good feature request. ;)

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Thanks, David Head. That would explain why my early attempts failed and then I couldn't find any reference online about how to be able to do anything like this. Where would you suggest I make a feature request? Obviously, it won't help me with this solution, but I'd like to contribute to the FM community.



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You can still consolidate a lot of scripts, though, by using


If [ variable x = "foo" ]

Set Field [ foo ; "bar" ]

Else If [ variable x = "moon" ]

Set Field [ moon ; "shine" ]


End If


Use comments liberally to help you steer through these scripts, though.

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You're far far far from alone in wanting this. FileMaker has a "feature request" screen somewhere on their web page, but such a request would not be unique or first in the queue of such. I've been begging for it since FileMaker 5.5 was the flagship product. That's when they introduced GetField() but you can only use GetField () on the "right hand side", for instance the calculation that you set a field to, and not providing a similar indirect reference for the left hand side seemed an omission of major proportions. Still does.

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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