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Collecting field value


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My table one contains the data. The second is a histrory table. Now I need the date field on my report to be filled with the first data of the history table for a record from table one.


In quick sql (to make it clearer not a specific sql language)

date = min(date) from history where history.data_id = data.data_id

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You want the date field on your report to auto-fill with the minimum (oldest, earliest) date of the related history table, at the time that the report table record is created?


Options: auto-enter options: auto-enter calculated value, Min(History::Date), assuming that your relationship to History is indeed history.data_id = data.data_id


If not, you define a new relationship between report ("data"?) and history using those two match fields, providing a new name for the table occurrence of history, if need be, and you use that TO of history in your calc, e.g., auto-enter Min (NewTO_of_History::Date), if you did need to do so.

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I had this function in the Data table (which works):

GetNthRecord ( History::date_added ; 1 )


I tried your function Min(History::date_added) but that results in a "?"


so put it back for now. tables are linked data.data_id = history.data_id

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