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multi-user runtimes?


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is there any way whatsoever to create a runtime through filemaker which would allow multiple users?

is the only way to sell a program with multiple user access to have the customer buy multiple copies of filemaker?

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Yes, pretty much. There's an exception but it's not a useful one to know about, I'll get to that in a minute.


The practical option is to get customers to buy a site license or box set as part of what they are purchasing from you, standard overhead. Don't let them come out of this thinking, "Sheesh, in addition to paying ol' egulk2000 to develop us a database program, now we gotta go buy a bunch of FileMaker programs to run it on"; instead enter the cost of those licenses as line item #14 in your itemized bill, you do the installation, and they see it all as a single price.


While you're at it, get them a new server and set it up as a dedicated FileMaker box, not doing anything else and not running any OS services that are unnecessary for hosting FileMaker.


If that won't play for one reason or another, express astonishment that in this day and age anyone with a computer would for some reason not already have a licensed copy of FileMaker Pro on it, I mean doesn't everyone? Go without Word, sure, not bother to have Excel, OK fine, but every well-dressed computer has just GOT to have FileMaker.



Anyway, the exception, which as I said is not useful: FileMaker SDK (Software Developer Kit) associated with FileMaker 3.0 will generate runtime engines based on the FileMaker 3 version of FileMaker Pro, and will network if you've got your db's hosted by Filemaker Server 3.0, and does so quite nicely. Last one that would. So all you've got to do is retro-port your solution to the FileMaker 3 platform (circa 1996) and get your clients to put a copy of Windows NT 4.0 Server on a machine and somehow locate Filemaker Server 3.0 for sale and install it. See... I told you it wasn't useful!

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lol.. smiley-laughing

that is good advice, but that automatically runs up the cost of selling the program to be a good couple thousand dollars. $1000 just for filemaker server, and say 10 copies of filemaker - 3000, how do i hide charges like that on line 14? that is bound to raise a bunch of eyebrows, not to mention a bunch of very unhappy clients..

is there any way to offer a solution for the $1000 range and still make a profit?

how much is a site license?

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This could be a very useful conversation if you are willing, just as a compare (we're not too many miles from ya)... we bill at 400.00 ea. for the 2nd to 9th license, includes installation and specified NAMED USER support for 30 days, for us it is on line #2, single licenses are included in solution cost line#1


Can a single license serve a bunch of users? - heard it! made the mistake once in 'trying' the web/intranet approach, long time ago now... never again (I can't afford it! ha!)


Fully open pricing should be discussed with the client at the front-end of the contract, and in advance so there are no surprises later, this is an interesting pub from FM http://www.filemaker.com/downloads/pdf/smallbiz_tco.pdf

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