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Find Mode - Cut and Paste?

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What I'm Trying to Do: I'm basically trying to have users log into the database using their name (last, first) and a password. I have the main database and the password database (where the passwords are stored).


I basically pop up a custom dialogue that sets globals with the name and password. I then do a find by name and then a x=y check to ensure it's the correct password.


I'm having difficulty with inputting the name into the find field. I know you have to use cut and paste (unless someone has a better solution), but I can't seem to get this to work. Does anyone know the specific copy/paste settings that are required in the find command?


I apologize to those who would type in RTFM, but I have searched for a couple of hours to no avail on google and I don't have a manual. :(

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I know you have to use cut and paste



You most certainly do not have to use cut (or copy) and paste. I almost never use cut copy or paste in FileMaker. Cut & Copy both wreck the end user's clipboard, C & P is clumsy, it's not greatly reliable, and the field from which data is being cut/copied or pasted needs to be on the active layout.


Use Set Field and Go to Related Record instead of Find Mode and definitely instead of Cut and Paste:


Show Custom Dialog ["Log in" fields g.UserNameGlobal, g.PasswordGlobal]

If [(RelationshipBetweenUserNameGlobal_and_UserName::Password = g.Passwordglobal]

.... {then they've logged in appropriately. record it if you're recording logons, go to layout do whatever else you do at startup}


..... Show Message ["Wrong, sucker!" / OK]

..... Quit Application

End If



In real life I'd use a loop that you get to exit only when g.PasswordGlobal matches RelationshipBetweenUserNameGlobal_and_UserName::Password, so that incorrect combos result in a Beep + same dialog. Or give them x number of tries.

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