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Can a Set Variable be Accessed by Other Files?


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Found this sites "GetAnswer" Article for August 2007 and found the Tip "Passing Variables from One File to Another" GREAT.....



I know in older versions of Filemaker the Set Variable Script Step could only be accessed in the file that created it. Has anyone figured out a way to use this variable information in another file?


I have used the COPY command to hold one fields' information between files; but I need two(2) variable information to be passed on.


Any ideas?

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No, variables are still file specific.


The best way to deal with passing values between files is to use global fields or script parameters. I like script parameters when they are only used for the duration of the script.


To pass multiple values in a single script parameter, you can append the values together with a known separator, then in the subscript, parse the parameter into the different values. This parsing can be done with your own method, or you can utilize one of several custom functions that are out there to do this.

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