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Checkboxes in Portals


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I have set up a portal that pulls in data, including a checkbox, from another record. The relationship is based on whether the box is checked or not. If the box in the related record is checked, the record doesn't appear in the portal.


When a box in the portal is checked and the user clicks outside the portal, the related record is updated and that record disappears from the portal. I would like to allow the user to check and uncheck boxes until all the appropriate boxes are checked--then commit the record and have the related records updated.


Is there a way to freeze the portal so it won't update the related record until the record containing the portal is committed or closed?

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Thanks, aaa! I created another checkbox, as input to the first checkbox. Since it isn't part of the relationship, I can check and uncheck it to my heart's content. When I'm done checking boxes, a looping script goes to each portal row and if the input box is checked, it sets the original checkbox. Then, when I click outside the portal or otherwise commit, the checked records disappear from the portal. Sweet!

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