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Export to Excel crashes FMP 9...


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This is happening occasionally. It's happened to me a few times in one file, and just now for the first time in another.


This is in Windows XP.


I get to the Excel Options window where one can name worksheet, etc., make no entries there. Upon hitting continue, I get the Windows error message - FMP has encountered a problem...please report, etc., then the application closes.


Again, this happens only occasionally. The file is still opening and operating normally.


What to do?


Please & thanks,



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Hi Victor,


Several factors can lead to this problems. I had the similar experience. Is this file that you want to export is on the network? If yes, sometimes, the connection of your network would cause this.


Also, sometimes, if you forgot to close the excel file that you want to export, it would be a problem. For example, you have "test.xls" as export Excel name. You opened this and modified in your FM, then it would cause the problem as well.


Maybe some FM gurus can give out their experience in Excel stuff...


Hope that helps... :)

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Thanks for pointing out those variables, Henry.


The file itself is on my C drive, but the target location for the Excel file is on a network drive. And I'm pretty sure I'm closing the Excel file. As a matter of fact, I know it's happened at least a couple of times when creating a new file via Export.

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I have had the same problem and it's as random as can be.


I have setup thousands of exports in the last 11 years and it wasn't until I started running 9.0 when it came out.


I am at a loss because it's annoying when the system crashes!

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