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Portals within Portals?


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Hi all - I have a database with the following tables and relationships set up:




1--many Image


I've created 2 portals - of CollectionItem within CollectionSet and Image within CollectionItem.

Ideally the user would like to be able to define all of the 'items' along with the parent, CollectionSet. However, with each item, there can be multiple images.

The portal works for the first CollectionItem record, but it's not working with a second CollectionItem record. The second record displays but it won't let me add any images to it.

Does anyone know if this is do-able within FMP? Hopefully I'm just missing something simple!

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Portals are not meant to work within other portals.


You'll need to design the interface to work a little differently. Try putting the portals side-by-side, using a button in the first to set the related record's primary key into a globally stored field in the current table that acts as a parent key for the second portal's relationship.

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