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How to sort portal with multilple columns


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This should be straight-forward - but it is not for me.


I have created a portal and I would like to be able to allow the user the ability to select which way they would like to sort the information.


Imagine a simple portal like this:



Chevrolet Corvette Sportscar

Porsche Carrera Sportscar

Ford Explorer Sport Utility


I want to be able to allow the user to select the "field label" MODEL and the portal will sort by "MODEL", user selects "TYPE" and the portal sorts by "TYPE", etc.


I only see one option to set the sort order in the Portal setup window.


So, I imagine I script it. Any script I have tried doesn't work. I have searched the forum, FM help, book, with no success.


This has to be easy!?

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Hi Ender,


Thanks, I remember reading that some time ago - probably at like 2:00 am.


So it looks like that is the best way to go. Seems to me that this would be a basic item FileMaker would put in the functionality of the portal feature.


Thanks for posting that.

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