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Graphic Drawing


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Is there a way to show a graphic line presentation wich is based by a number?

In my Top40 database there are different kind of fields like:





Position this week

Position last week

Points this week


All these fields are filled in every week and the database grows with 40 records per week.


What i would like to see is a graphical drawing of the positions from an artist grouped by weeknumbers and year(s).


I made a little example in excel



Who can help me with any ideas


Tnx Jorgen

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Here's a demo from a company/product named ICE that can do it. Screen shot = their fifth graph.


Doing it from scratch via Flash, which is what they used, is beyond me. Given enough time I could probably come up with a non-Flash / pre-webviewer solution but it would be klunky compared to what you can do with a web viewer.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I created something like this but it take

some processing time.

Here it is but....


i am not happy with it. Ik takes a lot of

space because every "led" is a small bitmap.


Anyway, if there are any other ideas i would be very



Thanks Jörgen

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If you could work with a horizontal bar graph instead of a line graph (each data point, a bar) then this solution is really, really simple.


The horizontal bar graph was a neat approach I discovered on a web search (sorry, can't remember who to give credit to :-( 100 vertical bars, and a Left function as an unstored calc.


Left ("|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| "; Field01)



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Hi Kirk,


Nice hearing from you.

This sounds to an solution. The | could be replaced for something

else i want.


Thank you very much.



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If you overlay the same field twice, offset by a couple pixels, you can make this bar almost solid, although I like the look on the printed page, of the vertical bars, one up.


Still, if you can ensure that the font character is available on the target platform, other characters could be really neat - like a webding of a factory, for instance.

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