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Count of time


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Hi There,


I have a little problem. In my maindatabase there is a field (Time) with a time in it and a summary field called Count Time (=Total of Time (running).


The second database is connected by a one to one relationship.

The layout of the second database shows serveral records from the first database (Header, Body, Trailing and Grand Summary).

In the Trailing Grand Summary i placed the field Count Time from the main database but it won't count all of them, just one.


Any suggestions?


Tnx Oh Really!

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Summary field will only work if the layout is based on database (table) one, because they work by summing the contents of Time field in each record in the body. If the layout is based on database (table) two, and you are showing each records related Time field (from table one) unfortunately putting the summary field in trailing grand summary aint gonna cut it.




Quick fix is create a field on second database called "Time" which is a calculation, and is set to the related Time field in database one (from the matching record). Create a summary field on table two, which is the total of the new Time field. Place the new Time field in the body part, and the new summary field in the trailing grand summary




Now everything on the layout is essentially from the table the layout is based on, so the summary field should work as expected.

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