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Value Lists For Dummies


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Im trying to get my Customer Service People to Save some time typing by adding our Purchase Order as a seperate table behind our production order form, where it will auto enter all the size, qty, color, pricing etc for them.


My problem is I went and got all our suppliers and sent to excel, cleaned up the company names and erased all duplicates leaving only one of each company (since we use them over and over again).


When I brought all these records into a new table on the Production order, I was able to get the value list to work for the supplier name, but all the sub information does not show up anywhere. I dont know how to make all the info about the supplier pop up when the name of the supplier is chosen by my CSR.


Currently the Display I have on the form is :

Supplier Name (The Value List with 2000 Vendors)

Supplier Street

Supplier City - Supplier State - Supplier ZIp

Supplier Phone Number - Supplier Fax Number


Each of these has its own record on the database.


How do I get filemaker to enter all the sub info automatically when someone choses the name of the supplier from the value list drop down list?


Thank you so much!!!

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SOrry I forgot to mention im a novice and very unfamilar with terms. If you could provide any further steps and information I would appreciate it.

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So you got a Supplier table and a Product Order (I think) table, and you are choosing a suppliers name for the order via drop down list


Setup a relationship from product order to supplier on the relationship graph, match fields would be something like:


Product Order -> Supplier


Supplier ID = Supplier ID


On the product order table you could have fields such as supplier name, street, city etc, this is what you want to automaticallly have filled in when you choose the supplier? in the field definitions, double click the field names and under the auto-entry tab, choose auto-enter by calculation. And choose the supplier name/address etc (whatever the matching field is) thru the relationship you created.

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