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Size? do you mean the number of characters? The Length function will tell you that. Or do you mean the actual size the contents of the text field takes up on disk (in bytes/kb/mb etc) ??


OR do you mean the font size?


Ambiguity is scary :) Since you are a developer I'll assume you probably don't mean Length :)


No design function I can find which will return the font size of a field (since a field may contain text of any number of font sizes). The closest thing I guess would be if the text is set via script, to store the font size you set it to at the time of setting font size (tho its not going to refresh itself if a user changes font size).


If you want actual size in kb/mb etc I guess this could be done using Length. I don't know enough about the size of characters (in bytes) and whether this differs - but I assume it might depending upon the character set used. It would be using your own calc ie Length ( Text ) * 8 = # of bytes ? I really dunno, but you see where I'm going..

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