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Problem moving inventory....


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I am having problems with my "current inventory." As a car dealer, I sometimes enter vehicles that are trade-ins and/or end up being sold at auctions or sent to our other dealership that does not use FileMaker. I DO NOT want to delete the records...but I don't want the "old" inventory clogging up my current inventory list.


Is there any way for me to move these items (without having to make them "sold") from my current inventory without deleting them?


Please HELP!

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Depending on how your solution is built, one option is simply to have a status field on the Inventory records, and change it to "Deleted" for those you don't wish to dislay. this means having to modify the solution in some areas ie portals/found sets, to only show inventory records with non-deleted statuses.


Another option which might be more viable, is to create a new table, called "Old Inventory" for example. Make this an exact copy of the Inventory table (if you have Filemaker advanced you can copy/paste the inventory table & rename it).


Then, when you wish to move an item from your inventory to the old inventory, press a button that runs a script to do this, your script might go along the lines of:



1. Ask for user confirmation to move item to old inventory

2. User presses Yes/Ok

3. Import the Inventory record in question, into the Inventory Old table

4. Delete the Inventory record out of the Inventory table.


thats the basics, the actual script to do this might be a bit more complex (especially if you plan to use the import records script step).




Another possiblity, if your inventory table has relatively few fields (10-20 maybe), you can run a script to capture all the current inventory record fields into variables, go to the Inventory Old table, create a new record, paste all the values into it, then go back to the Inventory record & delete it, ie:


(you are currently on the inventory record you want to delete)..


Set Variable [ $Inventory Number ; Inventory::Number ]

Set Variable [ $Name ; Inventory::Name ]

Set Variable [ $Description ; Inventory::Description ]


... (etc)...


Go to Layout [ Inventory Old ]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ Inventory Old::Number ; $Inventory Number ]

Set Field [ Inventory Old::Name ; $Name ]

Set Field [ Inventory Old::Description ; $Description ]

Go to Layout [ Original Layout ]

Delete Record/Request

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