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Pop up menu list help


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Hi all

Ive started to try and work out FM again after some months of leaving it alone. Ive become a bit rusty on what i managed to learn the first time round.

Im trying to make a job sheet database where i select a manufacturer in one field with a drop down menu and then in a product field again with a drop down menu with only the related products they make.

Also it would be good to be able to add new manufactures and products to both drop down menus as needed.

Ive tryed a custom list idea that works for the manufacturer but i get stuck on how to filter the products that are displayed in the product custom list.

Also ive tryed with a new file called "product master" that has listings of all the manufacturers and products they make one by one. Its related to the job sheet "front end" file.

Again i can get the manufacturer menu to work ok but im having problems getting their individual products to be listed.

Also i loose the abilty to be able to add values to the menus doing it this way.

What would be the best way to go about this and be able to add values to the menus as needed as i dont think im going about it the right way!?

Hope that makes sense with what im trying to do..



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Make first a sample file to try out the following:



Suppose you have a file ‘Food01’ with two fields, one for Type with Fruit and Meat as data and a second one, Kind with Apples, Oranges and Grapes for the fruit and Chicken, Beef, and Porc for the meat.

Six records in total. 3 records with Fruit as data and 3 records with meat, with the corresponding kind.


In your new file, Food02, you have 2 fields, Type (List 1) and Kind (List 2).

Create a relationship: ‘Food’, specify file: Food01, where type from Food02 (left) = ::type from Food01.

Create a valuelist ‘Type’, use values from field, specify, all values, specify file, ‘Food01’, field=Type.

Create a valuelist ‘Kind’, use values from field, only related values from relationship Food, use values from field ::kind.


Back to layout mode, format field ‘Type’ to show values from valuelist Type, and format field ‘Kind’ to show values from valuelist ‘Kind’.


Back in Browse, click in Type field, and the values will show from the field Type from file Food01 (Fruit / Meat), make your choice.

Go to field Kind and you will have the corresponding values from your choice in field Type......


Due to the fact that the valuelists are grabbing the values of 'all' the records, your valuelist will automatically grow with the (data of the) new records.


If you have this file working, you probably understand the technique of conditional valuelist.


Now you can implement this in whatever application you need it.

If you're stuck later on, go back to this file to see how you did it.



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Thanks for your reply!

l'll have another go when i get home.

I sort of got working before but i couldnt work out the conditional valuelist bit.

I ended up with all the values in the second list still..

If i get stuck again l'll shout!



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