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Problems with Self join Relation

sean p

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hi everybody........

need help with my Portal ......just seems i am going in circles.


ok. this is my problem.


i have a contact table with the usual fields (Name ,Lastname , Title ,Phone ,Company , Category etc.)


The Field "Category" is pop-up menu where you choose the category (i.e Retailer, Wholeseller , Vendor , etc.)


i have two more important Fields that i need

1.) Global Field (which i need for my radio button field ) Called "Select Category"

2.) a Simple Calculation Field Called "Category Calc"

( Calculation = Category ) Calculation Result is Text


On a Different Layout which i call "Select View" ....i have a Portal with a

Self-join Relation "Select Category = Category Calc"


and a radio button Field Where i Can select what to show in the Portal (i.e only Retailers , Wholesellers , Vendors etc.) .......Works great when i select retailer or vendor or wholeseller it shows exactly those categories.....


Here is my problem ......What if i want all Categories to be shown in the

Portal ???? Lets Say with adding "All" to my Radio Button Field


thx in advance


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Your global needs to become a multi-line key ie one that can have more than one entry to match in the relationship.


You do this by using the following script step


Set field(yourglobal;"retailer" & ¶ & "vendor" & ¶ & "wholesaler"


You can add as many entries as you like and any record that matches any one of these entries will show in your portal




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Making the Radio Button a Checkbox instead will allow you to select multiple values.


If you really just want an "All" Radio Button, you can create a second global, that's a calc and base the relationship on that. That calc would be


Case(originalGlobal = "All"; ValueListItems("Name of Value List"); originalGlobal)

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