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Checking for a value in a list.


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I am using the list command to return a list of people associated with a certain task :


List (Task Employees::Name )


This might return a list of say:






What I would like to be able to do is check to see if a value exists in the list.


IE: Does Sally Exist in List (Task Employees::Name ) ?


Seems easy enough, but I have been away from Filemaker for a few months, and cannot remember how to go about doing this.


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patterncount(¶ & "Sally" & ¶; ¶ & list(Task Employees::Name) & ¶)


The pilcrows will eliminate false matches on substrings.

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Hmm, well it doesnt seem to be working for me. Is that pattern count expect a specific number of matches from the list?


So records may only have 1 entry in the list, others may have 20+.

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An easier way to check for the existence of a value in a value list:


If ( IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( field ; checkfor ) ); 0; 1 )


So Fred's usage would be:


If ( IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List (Task Employees::Name ) ; "Sally" ) ); 0; 1 )


Although I would be assuming that the value being checked for would be coming out of a field or variable.

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