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Mouse click!


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FM 8.5. I use calculation fields to apply background colors to fields that I want to highlight. The colors are stored in a global repeating field. A typical formula is:




Flag1 is set by script.


The colors compute ok, but they do not appear unless I mouse click on the record outside a field. I’ve added the Refresh Window script step at the end of the script, but this has no effect.

Any suggestions on how I can eliminate the need to click with the mouse? Is this a bug with FM?

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Any suggestions on how I can eliminate the need to click with the mouse?
At the end of your script use the Go to Field script step and don't define a field to act on. If you don't have the layout set to save record changes automatically this will likely bring up a 'Save Record Changes' dialogue which may be even more annoying than having to click the mouse.
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perhaps a commit records/requests script step. If that does not work, you'd better post the script or the relevant bits of it.

How is the flag field set? is this a networked solution?


btw. since you use a boolean value for the flag, by organising them cleverly in the repeating container you might use the calc

GetRepetition ( ColorContainerField ; flag+1 )

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