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Sorting within a portal


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I hope this makes sense....


I created a database with 3 tables: a main contact page, a call log and a contacted page (that just has name, client id and date that the client was contacted on).


In the call log, I created a portal (so that it would be easy to see the dates a client has been contacted as well being able to enter any new contact dates). It's working like it should, except when I'm in my Call Log and I click on Table View, it doesn't show the most recent date a client was contacted, it shows the first date entered. What can I do so that in Table View it shows the most current date? I use this to scan very quickly who has been contacted and who has not.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Thank you!



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Click the column header (the Date field name) to toggle sorting in ascending/descending order by that field. This should work if your date field is indeed date type.


If you go to table mode via script, put a Sort Records script step in after going into table mode.

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I'm so new to this! I just want to make sure I understand and that I'm asking the right question....


I'm in the table view of the Call log where the portal is located. The column that I want to show the last entry is called Contacted (which is a portal).


When I go into Script Maker and Click on New, I select "Perform Find" I move it over and select Specify Finds Request.


The Action I selected is Omit Records (because all I want to see are records in a date range (example would be from Feb - Mar). So I want to Omit all records that have dates in the contacted column that are before 2/1/2008. I get lost at the bottom part. I select Call Log and then selected Contacted. After that I'm not sure what symbol to enter. Am I in the right spot?


Thank you for any help!



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The perform find script step will work in this example, but what you can search on is hard coded (ie you cannnot specify 2/1/2008 if that were in a field, you'd have to type it). So yes you are in "a" right place to do this.


Under the specify find requests, choose "omit records" @ the top, then choose your date field from the list of fields, then press "insert symbol" and choose "


An alternate method:



Enter Find Mode

Set Field [ Date ; "

Omit Records

Perform Find

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