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I work in a production facility where we use about 100 databases (the main ones were already created when I got here). I am a newbie as far as the back end of filemaker goes.


My question is, We do a lot of redundant data entering. We produce tee shirts, embroidery and awards. Our Customer Service people for every order create first an order form that has all the info about the order (qty, customer, design, sizes, colors,due date, etc) for every order. THen we do a Purchase Order where we enter all the same info in again to buy goods (sizes, colors, Product Id) then we have to enter some of the same info into the Schedule (Order#, Customer, Due Date, Qty) and then again for the Sales Report to track sales by Customer Service Person.


I know there is something I can do, but at times trying to read the books makes me feel incompetent. I would love for my CSR's to be able to enter the information into the Production Order Form and it Auto Fill the Similar information into other forms, at least they would only have to enter new info for the other databases.


I have played with the relationships tabs, but when I link them, and enter a new record into my schedule, it didnt create a new record in the sales report.


I know this is confusing, but help a first poster out. Thanks guys. Great Site.

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Hi Lee


You need to get your head around 'relationships'. This is the system that FM uses that allows you to link your files so that data that is linked (or as it is more properly known 'related') needs ony be entered once.


It is a wide subject to cover but as an example when your csr enters an order he first selects an existing customer, then all of that customers details woud be displayed automatically because the two files or tables would be related by customer number. As the order goes through your systems no detail will ever be added more than once because all of the files or tables involved will be able to pick up the order details because they will be related by order number.


And when the order gets to the invoicing stage the customer details will again be picked up via a relationship based on customer number back to the customer file.


Like I said at the beginning start researching and learning all that you can about relationships and then get back to us on the specific bits that you cannot understand




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