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I have six fields: "height", "width", "length", "depth", "diameter" and "weight".


Only there are records in which some fields are filled - and others which others are, due to specificities. Example: round objects are measured by height and diameter (like glasses) unlike the square ones, which are measured by height and width.


I'm currently using calculation to make it easier to export and copy/paste, since those operations are often required. It looks ok and has made my work much more effortless, but it still bothers me to see the spaces left when some fields are blank. So, my question is: is there anything I could use to "suppress" a part of the formula when that field in specific is blank?


I'm not sure if I'm making myself understandable. Sorry...

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Have a look at the 'case' function. You should, I think, be able to use this function to streamline your calculation process. Just remember that the first condition that is met within your case structure will suppress all others




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If you are using a script to copy and paste values into fields, you might consider a custom function for these fields that enters something into a field if it has been left blank:


Case(IsEmpty(field); "N/A"; field)


So when a new record is created, each field with this calculation will read "N/A". Once a value is copied or pasted into the field, it will reflect that value. Obviously, you can replace the "N/A" with a statement of your own flavor.

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