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Copying summary amounts to a separate table layout


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I think I've lost the plot here. Hopefully there's an obvious, straightforward solution.


I have separate tables that list Receipts and Payments. In each of the tables, I have set up a summary field that shows the total amounts for Receipts and for Payments respectively.


I want to use these summary amounts in a separate table to show, amongst other things, total receipts and payments for the month.


I've created other layouts where there has been a relationship between the tables, for instance by product ID number. However, for the table I'm creating here, there is no such relationship. The receipts and payments are each listed against the relevant product ID number but the summary table covers all products.

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What you need is another table, say called Reporting, that has a filtered relationship (using globals) that allows you to select certain records from the other tables. Using a filtered relationship, you can select say a month and a year (in global fields) and calculate the invoice and payment totals.


Have a look at the attached example file.

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