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Date Calculation


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Im breaking my head with this issue:


Im building an application to control my sales projects, what i need is to get the payment date depending on the "authorization_date"


I have a field "authorization_date" this is the date when my customer accept the project (website). So i have a schedule payment which will be calculated based on the aut-date.


My customer needs to pay me every 15 days (15 of everymonth or 1st of everymonth)


So if the "authorization_date" it's after the 15th will be display on the "payment1" field the comming 1st.


if the "authorization_date" it's before the 15th will be dislpay on the "payment1"field the comming 15th.






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  Day ( AuthDate ) < 15 ; 
  Date ( Month ( AuthDate )    ; 15 ; Year ( AuthDate) ) ;
  Date ( Month ( AuthDate ) +1 ;  1 ; Year ( AuthDate) ) 

please test thoroughly before deploying.

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