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Where are my buttons?


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I have a strange question...


I have been watching the FileMaker Pro 8 tutorials located at



specifically the "Housekeeping Fields" Tutorial


and I notice that Mr Osborne can copy and paste fields, and import tables into his data base.


When I go into my FileMaker 8 files I do not have the displayed "copy" and "paste" buttons to the right of my "create" "change" "Duplicate" "Delete" ButtonsOh Really!


Nor do I have "copy" "paste" or "import" buttons in my tables definition windows.Oh Really!


Does this have something to do with my preferences?


I think this is a cool feature, but wonder were did my buttons go?



GI Jane:confused:

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Thank you "AHunter3"


I have been using FMP for a bit, but have still much to learn...


From an intermediate novice point of view...


would it be worth it at this point to upgrade to the Advanced FileMaker now, or wait until I get a little more under my belt?


GI Jane

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It adds some nifty tools to your toolbox, no question about that... but you can do a lot with the standard FileMaker Pro app. Can you afford it? I'd recommend Advanced to anyone who has the wherewithal handy.


It's not just features that only power users benefit from; some of what it gives you makes life easier for newbies —*like being able to step through your script one step at a time with the Script Debugger when you can't figure out what's wrong with your script.

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Wow that sounds nice...and quite nifty, and God knows I could use that kind of help.


I found a $150 FMP Advanced upgrade on ebay ...but I may just bite the bullet and do the 9.0 advanced upgrade.


Any advice on the 8-> 9 Advanced upgrade?


Thanks again,

GI Jane

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I think an upgrade to 9 Advanced costs the same regardless of whether you are upgrading from 8, 8.5, 9, 8 Advanced, or 8.5 Advanced. And as far as I know, older versions of advanced are not being sold, at least not by FileMaker themselves.

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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