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Hi -All

I'm doing a horse breeding DB

I have the following related tables :


Membership and Purchase and join tables.

I want a portal ( based on Horses) on an investor layout to show Horse--Syndicates---Percentage (from Membership table)

In order to schieve this I put the following additional TO from horses


This achieved Horses( from Horses) Syndicates( from Syndicates2) - BUT if I include Membership2 for the percentage field it only gives me the first value.

Can someone point me in the right direction please!! -Incidently if I have a portal based on membership on an Investor layout - I get the correct percentage for each syndicate -but I don't get the horses per syndicate..


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Just to clarify, your ERD would look like:




I am not sure about the last bit. If, as you say, purchase is a join table, then you are saying that a horse can be purchased many times by different syndicates. Is this the case?


I would have thought that the purchase details are an attribute of the horse.


Can you clarify your thoughts on the syndicate to horse relations?

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Thank -you David I was hopeing you might see this ..

I noted on the Graph that the Purchase ...Horse relationship is showing a one to many but as you say it should be a one to one . The relationships are

SydnicateTable (pk-Id) to purchase table (fk-PurID) and Purchase Table (fk-HorseID) to Horse Table ( pk_ID). I had a Pk_Purchase ID but deleted it although it didn't effect the relationships... hope that clarifies the matter and you can set me straight



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Thank you David again - I took out the Purchase table and made the relationship between Syndicate and Horse a direct one to one and it works fine now - I have a lot more complicated relationships to work out - but I couldn't work out why this wasn't working out - an couldn't progress until I solved that problem.. I never did get my head around the Anchor & Bouy technique.. Cheers Bob

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