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Portal as dynamic Menu


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Problem to solve: select employee through portal inside evaluations ... table


table 1 : employees

table 2 : evaluations of employee


I wanted to use inside table 2 a portal to select the employee

from table 1, ( scroll list of employees with photos) inside

the evaluations of employee table record, to associate the

employee with his evaluation ( each day). Is there a way to

use the portal to show all employees, using the portal also

as a button, so that when you have chosen the employee,

pass the id to the evaluation record, to use the portal as a

type of Menu to select the employee. In any is welcome.


thx a lot



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Problem to solve: select employee through portal inside evaluations ... table

Hi linus,

Although you've only asked one question, I could spend a page or two trying to anticipate the follow-up questions you may ask while you are working through implementation of a portal menu system in your solution.


Rather than write a long treatise on how to set it up (and how each component works - and why), I will provide you with a simplified example (see below). It will likely make things a lot clearer if you can see it working and take a look at how it is configured.


If you have questions once you've had a look at the attached file, ask and I'm sure explanations will be forthcoming. smiley-wink


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Thx CobaltSky


I am sure you are right that I might have more question

and I think to get a sample DB is a great help. However

I have a small problem, I can't dl your sample, if

it won't bother you, could you send it to linus4200 at gmail.com

thx very much



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