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how to find a specific row in portal


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I need to do a search in a portal, I have set a variable and I need to search that variable in a portal, if succesful i have a script that will modify that row if not it just exits


anybody have a idea on how to do that ?

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Portals merely display data thru a relationship. I wouldn't base your script on the portal itself, I'd base it at the relationship level.


You can either do this by setting your variable into a field, and using a duplicate copy of the relationship, add another condition using the field value, relating to the field you want to match it against. Check if this relationship is valid (any records found thru it) , and if so replace field contents (do with the related records whatever you need to).


If you mean "search" loosely as in you have 4 fields showing in the portal and you want to find a word in one of the 4 fields, aywhere in the field etc, thats obviously more complicated.


If you don't have too many records in the portal, you could use a loop to loop thru every portal row and do your thing.


Go to Object [ PortalName ]

Go to Portal Row [ First ]


(do your finds or whatever, using Go to field / find , go to object etc)

Go to Portal Row [ Next ] exit after last

End Loop


To be any more specific you need to be more specific :)

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Thank You for the reply


here is what i need to do exactly, I have a portal with 2 field


I have Product code ( ProdCode ) and I have Quantity (Qty), now I have a button over the portal that if click open a pop up and ask what product code that I want to add or substract a quantity.


I am stuck on where can I tell the script to do a search in the ( ProdCode ) and select that exact line in the portal so I am able to add or substract the Quantity

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