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Calculating total as summary


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I have a report with fields as such:



Reserve amount


Tenant deposit amount


I created a field both in the properties table labeled totalres and in the tenants table called it totaldep; both fields I set as summary to total the reserve amount and a summary to total tenant deposit amount. I've placed both of these summarized fields below their respective columns however they are not totaling correctly. The totaldep is only showing the amount that is last seen on the page vs. all deposits combined. Can't figure out what the problem is?

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Summary fields for reports are generally placed in sub summary parts. If you want a sum in the body I'd look at making a calc instead and using the Sum function to total values thru a relationship. Then create a summary field to total the calc, and use this in sub summary parts on the report.

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Thanks for the response.


I'm not sure how to calc a sum based on 1 field. Typically I know you can say field1 + field2, but in this case there is only 1 field to total for all records. How would one go about that?

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On your relationship graph, create a relationship to a new table occurrence. For example if your table occurrence your layout is based on is called "Properties" , on your graph duplicate it, (or create a new one), rename the new one to "PropertiesSumReserve".


Join the two via a relationship, if you want to total the reserve field on every single record, set the relationship to anything, but make sure the predicate (ie =, etc) is set to the "X" option.


Create a calculation on your Properties table called "Total Reserve" , it will look like:


Sum ( PropertiesSumReserve::Reserve )


Whats happening is the calc looks thru the relationship, it finds every properties record, and the Sum function ads all the individual Reserve values together.


Regardless of what record you are on, the calculation will display the total of all properties records reserve values.


You can do the same thing for the Tenants table to sum all Tenant Deposits.

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