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Send Email locks up


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I have two workstations that when useres send email and returns to Filemaker the file locks up. Computer has to be rebooted. Made more unusual by the fact that it is not consistent. Might lockup on this email, but not the next.


One user is in Eudorsa, the other user is in Outlook. Attachments on emails is about 400 k each time.


Ideas welcome



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What do the scripts look like? Theres no loops, allow user abort off, pauses etc ? Does filemaker eventually crash & give an error report (on mac)? Is it one email client in particular which causes the crashes? Do you have the latest version of filemaker 8.5 running (v2) ? Are you using any external plugins? Is there anything special about the attachments that cause the crash? What about the recipient? Does the email actually get sent by the mail client?


Just rambling off some ideas :)

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