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pure Applescript Mailing cFunction


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Purely Applescript Mail cFunction

( technically this is just a wrapper )

This is the general version, I left out attachments for this version. I should have a multiple attachment work around in the next version.


Just pump this cF in the calculation section of the Perform Applescript Script step and your good to go. :)

or just mod the code to be used as a stand alone applescript, *shrugs* either way it works.


Function name : Mail


Function Parameters:


To // The recipient email address

From // The sending account you want to use

Subject // Le subject :P

Body // Body of the email

Send // if this field = "yes" then it automatically sends the email, useful for mail lists




"tell application \"Mail\""&¶&

" activate"&¶&

" set Contact_Email to \""& To &"\""&¶&

" set Sending_Account to \""& From &"\""&¶&

" set Email_Subject to \""& Subject &"\""&¶&

" set Email_Body to \""& ¶&


Substitute( Body ;["\"";"\\\""];["\”";"\\\""]) // filters most harmful quotes out of email.



"set NewEmail to (make new outgoing message with properties {visible:true, subject:Email_Subject, sender:Sending_Account, content:Email_Body})"&¶&

"tell NewEmail"&¶&

"make new to recipient with properties {address:Contact_Email}"&¶&

If ( send = "yes" ; ( "Send" &¶ ) ; "" )& // toggles auto send

"end tell"&¶&

"end tell"

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