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Multiple valuelists and lookups


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First of all, I would like to thank everybody for contributing to this forum! It has been a great help developing my first database with filemaker.


Still one question remains, and I haven't found the solution on this forum.


I have 2 tables in my database. One is called projects and the others one articles. I made a couple records in articles with some fields, like price, weight, name etc.


In my projects table I would like to add articles through a drop down list based on the name of the article. So I made a value list that gets it's information through a relation from the articles table.


But, Instead of only the name of the article I want to add the weight and the price automatically to 2 other fields in my projects table.


So when I choose article (e.g.) 4 in my value list, I would like the price and the weight to come with that information at the same time.


I know this works with the lookup function. When I lookup the information for those 2 fields in the article table, I will give me the proper value's for the price and weight, because of the relation that is made between the article name from my projects table and the article name in the articles table.


But if I want to add more articles in the projects table, it doesn't work anymore. My database doesn't seem to understand that when I add a second article, that I should get it's additional information from that same record in my articles table. Instead it give's me the same value's for the firs chosen article.


How is this done?


I would really appreciate you help!


Thank you in advance,



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