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Windows menu doesn't list open files


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When I have more than one file open in FM 8.5 Advanced, I should be able to select the "Window" menu, and see all open files at the bottom of the drop down menu. (I'm using Windows XP.) I used to be able to do this consistently, but then it became occasional, and now the menu never lists the open files. Once I minimize a file, I can't get to it without first minimizing all other other open files, which is quite inconvenient.


This seems to be only a Filemaker issue. It works in other programs, and I've gone back to old filemaker files that I know showed up in the Window menu, but they don't any more. I've also reinstalled the program, and I have installed the latest update--all to no avail.


Anyone have an idea?



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...Anyone have an idea?

Repair the windows registry using a utility like Systweaks 'Advanced System Optimizer' or MaxSecure's 'Max Registry Cleaner'. If that doesn't help then run 'regedit' and reset FileMaker's preferences at:


My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro\8.5A


As always, back-up everything before messing with things like the registry - windows is easily toasted. You might also try a re-install after repairing the registry - don't forget to temporarily disable all that CPU hogging virus/adware/spyware checking software.

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