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Excelisys Wants You! Seeking 2 "more" FileMaker Experts.


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Excelisys Seeks 2 FileMaker Experts for 40 Hours a Week:


- Certified Lead FileMaker Pro Developers

- Junior FileMaker Pro Developers


EXCELISYS, Inc. (http://www.excelisys.com), a custom database solutions

development and consulting group, is currently seeking talented and

motivated individuals to join the Excelisys FileMaker production team.

Our goals are to foster solid long-term technology partnerships with

our customers, and provide a creative and positive environment for our

team members that empowers each with the confidence to thrive and do

his or her best.


You’ll be working side-by-side (either virtually or physically)

with some of the best-of-the-best in the FileMaker development

industry while honing your own skills and talent designing, developing,

and managing a variety of custom FileMaker projects.


The benefits of being part of the Excelisys team are numerous:


- Work wherever you like – at home, at Starbucks – anywhere!

- Pick your own hours – bit of a night owl? No problem.

- Tap the knowledge pool of our talented and experienced team

- Learn while you work – think you’re hot now, just wait!

- In-house contests that award winners with trips and mula!

- Advance access to new technologies and product development

- Reimbursement of the FileMaker Certification Exam fees!

- Better pay and incentives for Certified FileMaker Pro Developers

- We help you stay organized using our web-based project mgmt system

- A refreshing “culture” that stimulates growth and emphasizes





Here’s what some of our developers have to say about working with



“I used to spend a lot of my time looking for development work or

chasing down clients who owed me money. In between, I’d squeeze in

the time to do the actual work. Even though I charged a decent hourly

rate, I was really making much less since I couldn’t work 40 hours a

week, let alone 20. Excelisys has allowed me to focus on what I

really love most: creating, designing and programming. I don’t have

to wear all those other hats anymore; instead I have more time to

work and earn a living, plus more leisure time to spend with my family!”


“Since joining Excelisys I’ve learned so much. I used to think I was

a pretty good programmer; they must have thought so too since they

hired me. But now I’ve become so much more valuable! It’s not enough

to know how to program, you’ve got to know how to get the customer

excited about the work, show them your passion. Before, I used to try

to impress them with some wicked code I wrote. But since it’s hard to

see what’s under-the-hood, that wasn’t always enough. Being part of

the Excelisys team has taught me not only how to be a better

developer, but how to present my work with much higher value and keep

the customer steadily satisfied and confident.”


“I’m proud to work with Excelisys. They’re not just another meat

grinder looking for “code monkeys”. They are the real deal. They

truly care about their customers, AND their developers!”




The individuals we’re looking for can handle projects of all sizes

and possess strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills. In

addition to being well organized, efficient, and able to work with

limited supervision, candidates must be reliable and possess strong

communication skills.


These openings are for skilled and experienced FileMaker developers

willing to commit to 40/hrs a week who can work well within a virtual

office environment under minimal supervision as well as part of a team.




We are looking for both junior and senior level developers…



Min. requirements for these 2 positions include:


- 4+ years experience developing with FileMaker Pro (1-3+ years with v7/8/9)

- Strong understanding of relational database design

- Working knowledge of complex calculations and conditional scripting

- A good eye for human interface design

- Experience with requirements gathering, cost estimating, and scope

preparation for custom FileMaker projects

- Must be a team player

- Must have broadband (Cable/DSL) internet access or better

- Mac AND Windows workstations, or the ability to run Windows and OSX

- Working knowledge of OSX, Win XP, NT, 2000, 2003 and Vista

environments a plus

- Hands-on experience working with FileMaker Pro Server & (Advanced)

a plus

- Committed to making and meeting deadlines

- FileMaker certification preferred, but not required


Optional BONUS Skills:


Proficiency in Web programming languages such as HTML, Lasso, PHP,

and XML as well as development experience with Servoy, .NET, SQL

Server, MySQL, ODBC, JDBC, and Excel is a definite plus.




- Reports to Project Manager

- Works close and participates with Project Manager and Client from

concept to completion

- Provides weekly build deliverables and progress reports

- Writing and debugging code for custom solutions


Compensation and perks:


- Hourly ($30-$60) plus bonuses and LG commissions (lead generation).

- Hourly rate determined by skill set, proficiency & certification


- Annual bonus plans based on performance


To apply for a position, send your resume in PDF format to:



We review all employment submissions.

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