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link two fields for looking up data?


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Hello everybody,


I need your help for the definition of fields:


I have a filemaker table with data about bees.

There are 2 fields which are unique for every individual bee:

BeeID and ColourCode:






Now, I have a Excel file with the genetic relatedness of bee pairs.

for instance:





I would like to import this data into a new filemaker table.

And it would be cool if I could have the ColourCode for each bee entered automatically (using the data in the table about bee individuals), like this:





I don't know exactly how to do it, but I think, the Fields for the ColourCode must be linked to the Fields for the BeeID, so that the ColourCode is looked up for the right individual...


I'm sorry the explanation is complicated (as always), I am thankful for every help.





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You are almost there. You will have two tables:











Now there will be two instances of the COMPARE table on the relationship graph, both linked to the BEE table occurrence. The following uses table occurrence names:


BEE -------- COMPARE1

BeeID........ BeeOneID


BEE -------- COMPARE2

BeeID........ BeeTwoID


On the BEE layout, you can display the bee colour codes using the fields:


COMPARE1:: ColourCode

COMPARE2:: ColourCode


See if that makes sense.

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Hello David,


Yuhu, it worked!!!


Thank you so much!

Until now, I didn't grasp the sense of having multiple instances of a table in the relationship graph, but now I know why.


Thanks again and

have a nice afternoon



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