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I have uploaded a file to mediafire (a file sharing utility)




Please download it as it's only 560 kb and then you'll be able to understand the context of my questions:


* If you go to Filter Data Entry Layout on Browse and select a date range from 1/12/07 to 31/12/07 and then select a company 'Casco Civil Constructions' and then click Find, why is the first Date a '?' ?


* How do I make Page 1 of 30 on the bottom, and change back to 1 every time a new company comes up (as it is sorted by company)


* How do I make it so the person can set a date range, and then shift select mutliple companies on the pop up men (Filter Data Entry layout) and then the results make sense? At the moment it's all over the place, if you check out the Script 'Show Report' you'll see I tried to do some stuff there, but if you guys could help out to make it work that would be awesome.



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1. The ? indicates an invalid date. There are two records in your table with an invalid date - one for EASTWELL HAULAGE too. Simply go to those records and enter a proper date. Where did the data come from? Was it imported? If so, check the source data.


2. If you followed the advice about using a sub-summary when sorted by company instead of a header, there is a sub-summary option you can check to "Restart page numbers after each occurrence". However, this will not allow you to display page x of y as separately advised because the y (total pages) is for the whole report, not each individual company. I don't know if that is doable. I suspect you would need to script the process to print a separate report for each company. that would be doable.


3. You have the right idea in your script about creating multiple find requests from the multiple value list specified in the global field. However, the processing would be different if there was no company selected.


If there is no company or companies selected, the find should be simply for the date range. If there is one or more companies selected, you want to construct find requests for each company (using the sort of looping structure you have) and then constrain the find based on the specified date range.

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Can you give me an example as to constraining the find date. I'm sure you noticed if you search for multiple companies in a certain date range the results are all over the place.


How can I fix this?



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Had a play with this on a methodology using a Company ID and using a check box format to select the desired companys to print. It needs a lot of tidying up - particularly if you want the page /of pages at the bottom - see David's suggestion for the script step edits. Havn't tested it properly but the basics seem to work - ugly if there are no records to print!!! Will up load it to your file server if you want ..



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