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Images and related file name


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Hello. I'm a newbie to FM, and have what is probably a simple question.

I am setting up a site that has an image (container) field and then I need a corresponding field that shows the file name of the image. For instance, if I have a picture of a cow in the container field, the next field would show the file name: cow.jpeg


Can someone tell me how to set this up so it will automatically list the jpeg name as soon as I insert the image? I have 20,000 images to enter and it would be a real time saver!


Thanks, Pros!

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Hi - I've just done this for a database that contains pictures or movies in the same container (in different records).


The records with pictures show the name of the file, but the records with movies show the file size!


Any way around that???


(FileMaker 9.0)

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You should get THREE lines of info about the movie, one line of which is the file name. (I think it is file size ¶ file name ¶ file path, but I always have to look first)

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